League Guide - On-Demand Leagues

This guide is meant for our on-demand league format. These leagues are offered in specific cities and are great for players with dynamic schedules who don’t want to commit to a specific day of the week for matches. In some cities, we offer a format slightly different format (flex format), which has it’s own set of guidelines, available here. If you aren’t sure which format is available in your city, please reach out via email -> [email protected]

League Format

  • Match Structure- Matches are to be played to a best 2 out of 3 games. Each game should be played to 11 and with a win by 2 requirements.
  • Team Composition: This is a doubles league, focused on pairs of players. When forming a team, consider the following:
    • Self-Select: You are welcome to choose your own partner if you have someone in mind.
    • Partner Pairing Assistance: Should you need a partner, you can request our help, and we’ll match you with another player seeking a teammate.
    • Open to All: Our league welcomes teams of any gender combination, supporting a diverse and inclusive environment where anyone can team up with anyone else.
  • Duration- The regular season of the league is 6 weeks long. Championship games will be held during the weeks following the season (see below for more details). 
  •  Matchups– You will be able to propose and accept matchups with other teams in your division. For more information, see the “Match Coordination” section below. 
  • Rules- We adhere to the USA Pickleball 2024 Official Rulebook. Matches are self-officiated. As a recreational league, sportsmanship is encouraged and expected. Please do your best to be familiar with and to follow the rules. If you feel another player has exercised poor sportsmanship, please reach out to the league admins for support at [email protected]
  • Technology- We use a mobile app and online score reporting website to enhance the experience for our users. Players are recommended to have an iPhone or Android phone to take advantage of the league. 

Match Coordination

  • Match Proposals- Teams are able to send out proposals to play matches. This will go out to other teams in the league to accept. When submitting the match request, you can propose days/times you and your partner are available, as well as potential locations to play at. 
  • Accepting a Match Proposals- When you see a request that lines up with your schedule, you can accept it and confirm the exact time and location you’d prefer to play at. We recommend confirming with your partner at this point. 
  • Match Locations- You are welcome to input any location that you like when submitting your proposal. Our smart alerting algorithm will consider the location of your match and prioritize players near that location when sending notifications. That said, players living outside the main city for the league may find that they need to select a more central location to get someone to accept. 
  • Court Fees- Some courts may require fees. No player should be forced to pay court fees if they do not want to. If you would like to play at a private court, please mark that and share the details in your match request. Paddle Party is not responsible for and will not reimburse court fees.
  • Communication- It is recommended to use Heartbeat (the chat application that we use to organize the league) to communicate with other players in the league. After a match is confirmed, a match chat will be created to help you confirm the details and discuss any potential changes if needed. We recommend using this chat to confirm everyone is still good the day before or the day of a match. 
  • Inclement Weather– If there is inclement weather preventing the game to be played safely, we ask that you try to work with the other team to reschedule the match as soon as possible. If a match is in progress when inclement weather begins, you should start the make up match from where you left off. If the match is unable to be rescheduled due to weather, it will not count towards the rankings. 
  • Schedule Changes – While we understand that life happens and things may come up that prevent you from completing your match at your scheduled time, we also need to be fair to other players. In the event that you are no longer able to play a match at the scheduled time, we recommend reaching out to the other team as early as possible to determine a solution. You’re options are:
      • Reschedule the match for another time that works for all players. 
      • Use a sub to fill in (if it’s only one player from a team that’s unavailable)
      • Forfeit the match.
  • Substitutions- Players may substitute with anyone else who is within the skill level of the division (or below). This player could be someone else in the league (as long as they aren’t on the opposing team) or someone outside of the league.If there are any conflicts with your opponents subs, please reach out to support and the league admins will review it on a case by case basis. 
      • League approval is required for a sub during the postseason championship matches
  • Non-Responsive Players- Please contact the league admins if you have trouble getting in touch with a player. The fastest way to get support is to email [email protected]. We will do our best to help get in touch with them. If the league administrators aren’t able to get a response from a player, but the other player is available, we recommend using a substitute if possible. If both players from a team are non-responsive, then the match will be counted as a forfeit. 
  • Score Submission- After a match is completed, one team should submit scores. Score reporting can be done through the Paddle Party website (linked within the Heartbeat Application). You can also use this site to view the rankings and the outcomes of other team’s matches. It is up to each team to ensure that the data they see is accurate. If there is an issue, please contact support at [email protected] to make any needed changes.

Skill Divisions

  • Division Selection- Players self-select their division during registration based on their personal opinions about their skill levels. Our standard leagues offer the following divisions:
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Changing Divisions- Teams are able to change their division during the season if they feel they selected a division that doesn’t fit their abilities. When this happens, the team will forfeit any rank points they’ve earned in their prior division. 
  • Mixed Skill Levels- If there are two players that would like to partner together, but are at different levels, we ask that you select the division of the higher player.

League Ranking and Championships

  • Rank Points: Teams will earn points for every match played. This incentivizes teams to play as much as they can. The number of points earned per match depends on the outcome of the match and how close it was. 
  • Ranking Criteria: Rankings are based on total rank points earned throughout the regular season. If there are ties, the league admin will make a decision based on head to head, common opponents, or any other relevant data. 
  • Championship Eligibility: The top 4 teams in each division qualify for a seeded playoff. These championship matches will be played after the regular season. Teams will coordinate a time and place that works for them.

League Adminstration/Support

This is a recreational league and the main objective should be to have a good time. The League Admins are in place to help foster a fun and engaging community for all. If you have any challenges throughout the process, please reach out via email to [email protected]


If any disputes come up, the league admins will act as the sole decision maker on the outcome that they believe is most fair at their sole discretion. The league admins reserve the right to remove players at their own discretion if the player has received sportsmanship complaints or if the player is expected to be detrimental to the league or any other participants.


Additionally, we have detailed the league as best as possible ahead of time, but league admins reserve the right to make adjustments they feel are necessary throughout the season.  


As we gear up for an exciting season filled with spirited competition and camaraderie, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you for bringing your enthusiasm, skills, and sportsmanship to our pickleball community. Whether you’re here to sharpen your competitive edge or simply to enjoy the joy of the game with new friends, your participation makes all the difference.


Have fun on the court, and here’s to a season of fantastic pickleball, personal bests, and community spirit!

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